General Policy

> The pilot must be in possession of a legal copy of FSX / FS9.
> The pilot must be over the age of 13.
> The login credentials that are provided to you serve as your individual membership identification. You may not under any circumstances provide, seek or obtain permission of your own or another individuals credentials in the course of performing Air Malaysia operations.
> Members are required to use their full name when registering as a Pilot. Incomplete, incorrect or misleading information will result in the termination of the account.
> You may only register for and hold only one account.
> All members must provide a valid email address. If your accounts email address changes, you must use the online form to modify your email address in the database. Accounts with invalid email addresses will be removed.
> All flights must represent a valid Air Malaysia flight as assigned by the schedule system on the website. Flights that are not inputted into this system will be rejected without the member's consultation or consent. The correct aircraft and livery must be used for all flights unless a valid reason is presented.
> Air Malaysia Management Team reserves the right to suspend or terminate any individual membership from the airline without notification if this or any other relevant policy has been violated. The member may appeal the suspension or termination to Air Malaysia Management Team whose decision shall be final.
> Members are to, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. No threats, harassment or un-warranted comments are not to be directed at any member under any circumstances.
> Members are to only fly one flight at any single time. Members are not to have consecutive flights flown at the same time.
> Air Malaysia Management Team reserves the right to update these terms without prior notification. Remaining updated relies solely on the pilot.


> Pilots must follow the VATSIM Code of Conduct at all times while connected to the VATSIM Network, found here.
> Pilots must comply with all supervisor requests as detailed in the VATSIM Code of Regulations, found here.
> Pilots are required to log on under either the Flight number of the flight they are flying, or their individual Pilot ID when connecting to the VATSIM Network.
> Pilots must file a fully completed VATSIM flight plan for each flight, including the proper remarks, route and other additional information, which is required.
> Pilots must show maturity and are reminded to display the highest level of professionalism towards other members at all times when connected to the VATSIM Network both inside and outside Air Malaysia as our online reputation is represented whenever a pilot is connected to the VATSIM network.
> Pilots must maintain and adhere to all Air Traffic Controller clearances and instructions in relation to the aircraft during all stages of flight. However, a pilot assigned as pilot-in-command of a flight may exercise exception to this clause with reasonable justification in ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft.
> Pilots are strongly reminded that while connected to the VATSIM Network, they are to ensure that the Air Malaysia's name is upheld to the best of their ability. Other pilots, Air Traffic Controllers or VATSIM Supervisors, are always watching what you say and do and will judge your performance accordingly.

Flights Policy

> Air Malaysia has the right to reject a PIREP without prior notice, the decision is final unless the pilot appeals the decision within 3 days of the initial decision.
> Air Malaysia members are to follow the guidelines set in place in the Pilot Handbook in regards to PIREPs.
> Air Malaysia members are not permitted to alter the time acceleration in Flight Simulator.
> Air Malaysia members are not allowed to save the flight, and fly it at a different time. All flights must be done in real-time.
> Air Malaysia members are not allowed to bully, mock or disrespect the fellow members at any time through chat in redTracker™.
> Any discussions of illegal acts or those going in redTracker™ chat against Air Malaysia policy are prohibited.


If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not continue with the registration process.

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