Our Story

The story of Air Malaysia started with the dream of making flying possible for everyone who does not have the opportunity to fly in real world. On 10 December 2012, Air Malaysia took to the skies with its first commercial flight. Fuelled by a young and dynamic team of aviation enthusiasts, the young carrier turned into possibly Malaysia's largest fictional virtual airline in less than a year.

The airline launched two airline subsidiaries to expand its operations around the globe, comprising of AMConnex (previously known as Air Malaysia Regional) and Air Malaysia Cargo. At Air Malaysia, the real world affects our world and we do our very best to represent real world happenings in our operations such as delays, bad weather and airport closure.

Air Malaysia achieved a significant milestone in 2013 when it received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

On 11 May 2013, Air Malaysia became a full-fledged member of GlobalOne alliance and is now connected to more than 350 destinations in 105 countries across the GlobalOne alliance network.

A year later, Air Malaysia rebranded its entire operation from scratch. From a new website design, new ACARS, acquisition of new airplanes, you name it, we got it. As we expanded our operations step by step, we brought back the magic of flying in Asia, hence with our new slogan "Asia Rediscovered".

Our Vision

It is our aim to offer all pilots a realistic airline environment on the other hand, we preserve the joy of flying.

Our Way Forward

To date, we have flown 2726919 passengers across a total distance of 550772 miles accumulating 1544.41 hours of flight time.

Quick Facts

Radio Callsign: Andromeda
Launch Date: December 10, 2012
Operating for: 1833 days


Pilots: 268
Total Flights: 704
Total Hours: 1544.41
Total Schedules: 266
Supported Network: VATSIM
Disclaimer: Air Malaysia is a non-profit virtual aviation organization and is a fictional company operating solely for the entertainment of flight simulation enthusiasts.

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