Profile of Eric Hagneaux

Pilot ID: VAM0068 Hub: WMKK
Location: France France Flights: 6
Hours: 9.05 Earnings: RM 908.33
Member Since: 25/04/2013 VATSIM ID:

Eric Hagneaux's Awards

No awards yet

Flight Logs

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AX1032 WMKK WIII B737-800 (9M-VGA) 02.27 21/05/2013 Accepted
AX1034 WMKK WIII B737-800 (9M-VGA) 02.19 14/05/2013 Accepted
AR2106 WMKN WMKP MD-82 (9M-RAB) 01.09 01/05/2013 Accepted
AR2112 WBKS WBKK MD-82 (9M-RAC) 01.05 30/04/2013 Accepted
AR2011 WMKP WMKN MD-82 (9M-RAB) 01.02 28/04/2013 Accepted
AR2015 WBKK WBKS MD-82 (9M-RAC) 01.03 27/04/2013 Accepted

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